The story of Gary Faulkner—a construction worker from Colorado who was arrested in Pakistan carrying a sword, hunting Osama bin Laden—was funny for a few days. Now he says bin Laden is hunting him. Please shut up, Gary.

After making the TV rounds on The View and Letterman yesterday, grizzly old Gary Faulkner is keeping his momentum going by throwing out some zingers to anyone who will listen (and hopefully record!). He says bin Laden is pissed off that Faulkner was hunting him, and has since put a bounty on Faulkner's head: "They want me as bad as I want him," he told the Post. He described to the paper the deep cover he used while on the hunt in Pakistan's Chitral district: "You should have seen me - I looked just like the Taliban, an al Qaeda crazed murderer." You really should have seen him! Oh, but just wait. It's only a matter of time before Faulkner gets his very own reality show, Gary the Terrorist Hunter. It'll be like Dog the Bounty Hunter with the mind of Joe the Plumber.

Faulkner is visiting Ground Zero this week, and he tells the Post we have a long way to go in the Global War on Terror: "We're only in halftime right now. It's the fight of the decade, right here." And never lacking a good metaphor, Faulkner sets the stage for the next round against bin Laden and Al Qaeda. "It's like two prizefighters. I've talked my smack; now it's his turn to step up."

[Image via AP]