Hot banker Debrahlee Lorenzana and her new legal adviser—lawyer to America's starfuckers Gloria Allred—filed a complaint today against Citibank, which she says fired her for being too hot. Naturally, this required a new photo op—this time with tears.

Today, Allred and Lorenzana filed a complaint against Citibank with New York's Division of Human Resources. Debrahlee wept about being made to feel unworthy, degraded, and inferior at Citibank.

Debrahlee's first lawyer—the secretary-spank-scandal-ensnared "sex positive" lawyer Jack Tuckner—focused his client's PR on a sexy-but-smart image, with photos of Debrahlee holding books and bending sexily over desks. Allred, however, appears to have changed course to the sexy-but-sad approach that has defined her career defending weepy female victims against the rich men who abuse them.

Citibank, on the other hand, appears to recognize that the tide has turned on the silicone-loving, rich-husband-hunting fameball Lorenzana. Here's the bank's new statement:

Unlike Ms. Lorenzana, Citibank does not intend to try this case in the media and we reiterate that her termination was based on poor performance. Although we can't speak to her previous attention-seeking activities, her current attempts to gain personal publicity are as transparent as her legal claims. We remain confident that when all of the facts and documentation are presented, the claim will be dismissed.


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