Using a very sophisticated algorithm (or something), the folks at Craigslist have figured out that, per capita and per ride rate, the L train gets more Missed Connections mentions than any other train. The Brooklyn stops are especially bumpin'.

This is no surprise, as 'L' clearly stands for Love (just as R stands for Rarely and the N for Never), and lots of young, single, 'n horny people live off the various L stops in Brooklyn — especially hipster breeding grounds Bedford, Lorimer, and Graham. It is, as the Times says, a "horizontal hotbed of hipsters"! (There are also bedbugs in the hotbeds.) Look, we just did a little searching ourselves this afternoon and found a bunch of sexy and sweet posts from would-be swains and suitorettes.

Are you any of these people??? Maybe you can be part of a romantic trend!! Wouldn't that be fun??

[Top image via Flickr]