Because Diandra Douglas, who divorced Michael Douglas in 2000, was awarded half of all the money the star makes off movies he made during their union, she thinks she is owed some scratch for the Wall Street sequel. Good luck!

Diandra, who got about $45 million in their divorce settlement, also gets half of the money Douglas earns from movies that were made between 1977 and 2000, which is basically every famous movie he's ever made. (Too bad she'll never see a dime of all that Ghosts of Girlfriends Past cash.) Earlier this month, Diandra filed suit in New York claiming she is owed half his earnings for Wall Street 2, the forever-delayed sequel to the famous 1987 original because her settlement includes a chunk of any the cash from residuals, merchandising, or spin-offs. Douglas' camp argues that the new movie is not a spin-off, but a sequel and she shouldn't get anything. Considering the last time the pair was in court was for the sentencing of their son Cameron to five years in jail for selling drugs, maybe Diandra should forgo the money and worry a little bit more about creating a supportive family environment for when her kid gets out of the clink? Just a thought.

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