Are you anticipating The Social Network as highly as we are? It's this movie about a deranged psycho who kills people by strangling them with their own small intestines. No, wait. It's about a nerd who founded a popular website.

We already saw the scary poster for the Aaron Sorkin-penned film. And the trailer continues to push the evil genius angle via giant sans serif words that flash across the screen as dramatic music plays:


Some snippets of exciting dialogue play as well. Like this one, which appears to be lifted from the script for an STD educational video:

-Who should we send it to first?
-Just a couple people. The question is: Who are they going to send it to?

Here is some dialogue that attempts to wring suspense from the number of pageviews a website gets:

-The site got twenty-two hundred hits in two hours?
-Thousand. Twenty-two thousand.

(You wouldn't believe how many times you overhear this exact thing at Gawker HQ.)

And some Frankenstein vibe going on here:

We don't know what it can be, we don't know what it will be. We know that it is cool.

Also, a guy just screams "Mark?" in a way that makes me think there's going to be a scene where Mark Zuckerberg takes off his mask and we see that he's actually a 58 year-old Russian ex-KGB agent. Then there is the dramatic exchange that shows Mark Zuckerberg is a rebel

-Mr. Zuckerberg do I have your full attention?

This movie is going to be so awesome.