Despite developing an anti-aging super drink, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is thinking about succession. The Workers' Party of Korea will hold a selection meeting in September and Kim's youngest son, Kim Jong-un, is thought to be next in line.

Kim Jong-un won a brief power struggle with his loafer wearing older bro, Kim Jong-nam, last year and could be next up to run the broke, starving pariah state. Oh, I meant to say the "great prosperous and powerful socialist nation." From the North Korean Central News Agency, via BBC:

The meeting is "for electing [the party's] highest leading body reflecting the new requirements of the WPK", the [North Korean government] announcement said.

"We are now faced with the sacred revolutionary tasks to develop the WPK... into an eternal glorious party of Kim Il-sung and further increase its militant function and role to glorify the country as a great prosperous and powerful socialist nation."

A potential power struggle in a nuclear-armed state? No sweat.

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