No, not Billy Bob. Though he probably is doing that too. Also today: some casting news about The Help, the ladybook du jour. Rob Lowe makes a reality show. And a workhorse actor morphs into a director.

Cherry-lipped young actor Rob Lowe is developing his very own reality series! No, no, he won't be on it, he hasn't fallen that far. No, he's just producing it. It's called Potomac Fever and it's about the hustle and bustle of wannabe politcos as they make their way around Washington. Huh. I was kind of hoping that it would be about the real Potomac Fever, of which George Washington is believed to be patient zero. The ailment is marked by symptoms including sudden development of wooden teeth, a wig-like look to the hair, and an aversion to the word Delaware. That would be a good show. [Variety]

A young Julliard grad named Jessica Chastain has been cast in the upcoming movie adaptation of The Help, that Southern lady book about black maids and their callous (except for one!) white employers. She's playing ditzy Celia. So, OK, look. I was at my parents' house the other weekend and I'd forgotten a book and my mom was like "This is sort of Oprah-y, but it goes fast." I was skeptical. Lemme tell you. I read that damn thing in 24 hours. Couldn't put it down. And I have no idea why. No earthly idea. But just be warned. It's very often treacle soup, but if you start it... you will need to finish it. Now I'm curious about this movie and think the casting of Emma Stone is all wrong. But this Chastain girl.... well, who knows. Sure. [THR]

Hackers star Jonny Lee Miller has been cast in a six episode arc on Dexter. He'll play someone who is "intricately involved" in the whole Julia Stiles plot line. We don't know what that's about, though. Apparently she's kind of obsessed with Dexter or something? Maybe he's her jealous boyfriend? Who's, like, a cop, and starts digging around? Or maybe he plays a Scottish drug addicted computer hacker who's also a lawyer and sees musical numbers everywhere. (Is that what Eli Stone was about? Was it about god?) Anyway. Good for you, Miller. [The Wrap]

Dylan McDermot Mulroney is taking a trip behind the lens to direct his second feature. (After the upcoming Love Wedding Marriage.) He'll be shooting a biopic about a Liberian football player named George Weah, who later became a prominent politician. He was instrumental in bringing about the eventual downfall of bloody dictator Charles Taylor. He now lives in Miami. Dylan McDermot Mulroney pitched the story to Weah at his home and gave a resigned sigh when Weah told him "I loved you on The Practice. And also in My Best Friend's Wedding." [THR]

Actor Jon Tenney, who's basically been on all the TV shows (currently on The Closer) and had a great little part in You Can Count On Me, has been cast in the upcoming Green Lantern actioner, as Ryan Reynolds'... father? That doesn't seem fair, he's not that old! Maybe it's in flashbacks? Those superhero movies have flashbacks a lot of the time. Otherwise, that is one young dad. Who knew the Green Lantern was the scion of Alfie Patten? [Variety]

Pretty-much-in-every-other-movie actor Fred Ward has signed onto the comedy 30 Minutes or Less, that Jesse Eisenberg/Danny McBride comedy about a pizza delivery kid and a bomb and stuff that's being directed by the Zombieland director. My friend and I used to have a joke about Fred Ward: Q. What direction are you walking when you're walking toward him? A. Fredward. That is all. [THR]