In your finally Friday media column: an editor is canned for testicle-related reasons, The New Yorker makes an error, food critic violence is avenged, and debating Gerald Marzorati's successor.

  • Philadelphia Magazine editor Larry Platt has been let go. Why? Well, he reportedly gave "a framed-photo of a cyst removed from his testicle to a departing female staffer." In conclusion, Larry Platt's available, employers!
  • The New Yorker misspelled Chris Matthews' name as "Chris Mathews." The magazine has burned down its headquarters as penance.
  • Albany food critic Steve Barnes was beaten up in a parking lot in 2008. Now, a local bar owner's been charged with soliciting two guys to beat up Barnes. That's fucked up.
  • Who will be the next NYT Magazine editor now that Gerald Marzorati is leaving? James Bennet? Peter Kaplan? Adam Moss? We wouldn't be surprised if they looked in-house, given the recent dearth of promotion opportunities and the penchant for shifting senior staffers into new positions just to keep them interested. Our heart, of course, is the princely AG Sulzberger the Younger.
  • The NYT Styles section is working on a profile of microfamous Fimoculouser Rex Sorgatz. Goodie.

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