A man wearing only underwear and a shirt stole a delivery truck and led police on a car chase through Brooklyn on Thursday, hitting two 12-year-old girls before finally crashing. Also: He ate "leaves straight from tree branches."

What a week for non-fully-clothed carjackers! The story of the leaf-eating Brooklyn carjacker is maybe not as exciting as Sylvina Beagley's epic tale, but it has its charms, not the least of which is the leaf-eating part:

The lunatic was munching on leaves straight from tree branches and menacing kids with a garden hose in Marine Park before he suddenly hopped behind the wheel of a parked delivery truck and sped off - with a worker still inside.

Shimshon Eisenberger, who had hired the delivery truck to ship an order for his furniture company, identified the worker-turned-terrified-passenger as Sardo Sutherland.

"Sardo was in the back, screaming for dear life and holding on," Eisenberger said, recalling the moment when the underpants driver sped off with all the grace of a bull in a china shop.

The hose-wielding carjacker eventually hit two seventh graders on a field trip, both of whom sustained nonlife-threatening injuries. His own field trip came to a stop when he crashed into a double-parked car. The suspect, who was not carrying any ID, due to not having pants, is unidentified.