Now that Barack Obama is the Worst President of All Time, which Republican do you most want to vote for in 2012? How about "corpulent" Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, eh? He's "discreetly building a complex political operation," right now!

Those of you in the "Mitt Camp" better rethink, because this good ol' boy from the poorest state in America, who should be working 24/7 on handling the oil spill that's making his state even poorer, will raise the funds necessary to become America's great next president and Restorer. The Politico writes:

His apparatus, which has socked away hundreds of thousands of dollars this year alone, will get a major boost - as will the Barbour 2012 buzz - when the governor takes some time away from the Gulf oil spill threatening his home region's shorelines to attend a big fundraiser Thursday for one of his three political action committees.

The fundraiser, set for adjoining hot spots in Washington's trendy Glover Park neighborhood, has been the talk of Washington GOP circles, boasting a host committee that reads like a next-generation GOP bundling and campaign dream team.

That's right, he is such a good bet that he's set up three (3) PACs for the trillions in donations that are sure to coming rolling in. Barbour, a former mega-lobbyist for "Big Tobacco," is looking to tap his most evil friends for this truly grassroots campaign:

Ascendant lobbyists for the health insurance, tobacco, liquor, defense and pharmaceutical industries are jockeying for space on the host committee with hotshot, young finance professionals and accomplished political operatives such as media strategist Phil Musser and election lawyer Michael Toner - both of whom were coveted early signings by another prospective GOP 2012 candidate, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty - robocall maestro Tony Feather and Phil Cox, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's campaign manager.

Emphasis ours, to highlight the comical, cartoon-evil industries that just can't wait to make Haley Barbour our next greatest president.

Throw in your lot with Boss Hogg now, or be crushed.