In your hateful Thursday media column: CNN staffers hate Eliot Spitzer, Newsweek hates China, a former Newsday editor moves to NY1, the NYT gets itself a fancy "Tumblr," and whites spotted on the teevee.

  • Eliot Spitzer got a show on CNN, and CNN staffers are scandalized! This means the network "lost the struggle for its soul." "It's the destruction of a brand." It's also "ugly," "desperate," "sadly comical," and "a Hail Mary," according to CNN peoples. That's funny, cause we don't recall hearing that after all the other CNN sex scandals of the past couple years. Hey CNN, maybe you have one show we can grab some clips from now, finally. Enjoy the moment.
  • Shucks, a Chinese media firm put in a bid to buy Newsweek. But, Fortune reports, "Perhaps not surprisingly, the offer was roundly rejected." Uh, why? Was it too cheap? No, the insinuation is that, not surprisingly, it was rejected because it was from China. And just imagine what would happen if the Chinese owned Newsweek. Nothing, that's what.
  • John Mancini, who was canned as the editor of Newsday (which is not necessarily a poor reflection on him, because Newsday is straight up bananas), is joining TV station NY1 as a transit reporter. Ha yea, I guess when you... leave Newsday, you know how to...keep it moving. Eh, it's too hot to think of a better line.
  • Oh look, the New York Times has acquired a Tumblr—the type of blog specifically designed to be incredibly easy to use. Theirs is in "Beta" mode and, haha, it's only been seven months since the paper's "social media editor" announced that the NYT was moving onto Tumblr "very soon." Internet speed, NYT!
  • Things White People Like: Cable News. (And the Daily Beast).