If Bill O'Reilly was upset about a harmless gay-themed French commercial for McDonalds just wait until he sees this insane spot for Orangina where a humanoid mountain lion shaves and then embraces his gay lover. Um, what?

So we see a mountain lion made to look like a man shaving his face, but instead of shaving cream, he uses Orangina, the sticky sweet carbonated beverage that is the European equivalent of Sunkist. That's strange enough, but what sends this over the edge is that his hunky boyfriend comes over and feels how smooth his shave is at the last second. What does this all mean? Did France allow gay marriage and it lead to bestiality after all, like all the holy rollers said it would?

This seems to be part of series of commercials that company made that has talking animals doing crazy things with the product, like a giraffe lady mopping the floor or a chameleon man putting it on his zits. This seems to be a repeat of a 2008 series of commercials that caused a bit of a stir in the UK with its anthropomorphic and sexualized animals. The company that made the campaign told gay French blog Yagg that the spot isn't going to air which, as nutso as it is, makes us a little sad. If we can get the world to embrace queer mountain lions who shave with soda, gay marriage should be a snap!