It's Helen Mirren day, apparently! Here's a trailer for RED (Retired, Extremely Dangerous), an action comedy about retired CIA agents who are, of course, drawn back into the game when shit starts to go haywire. Look at that cast!

It's a truly bizarre mashup. Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Dame Mirren, Mary Louise Parker (she's old enough to retire?), and John Malkovich. All shooting guns and kickin' ass. This looks substantially better than the last time we saw Mirren shooting up the place, in Lee "Precious" Daniels bizarre incesty hitman movie Shadowboxer. (She played Cuba Gooding Jr.'s mom, and Cuba Gooding Jr.'s lover.) I'm not entirely sure why Mary Louise Parker is there, age wise, but whatever. She's typically delightful and it's fun to see her doing some silly action movie rather than something quirky and dark and upsetting. Will this movie likely suck? Yeah, probably. But for now it's fun to imagine it won't. It comes out October 15th.