A mutant Asian carp was caught Tuesday in a waterway just six miles from Lake Michigan, after authorities started an $80 million campaign to annihilate the fish population. The carp "are like cockroaches," and could destroy the Great Lakes' ecosystem.

The plan to keep Asian carp out of Lake Michigan had shown some positive results until this week, when the 34.6 inch, 19.6 pound male carp was caught beyond an electric fence system set up last year. The fish died after being caught in a net and was flown to a lab for testing to determine the age and how long it had lived in those waters. The New York Times spoke with Henry Henderson from the Natural Resources Defense Council, who said: "Asian carp are like cockroaches; when you see one, you know it's accompanied by many more you don't see." Authorities have been using a pesticide against the carp, rotenone, that is "mildly toxic" to humans.

Mmm, Frankenfish.

[Images via Getty, AP]