Last month, rumor was Lohan was sleeping with celebrity photographer Indrani. Now Lindsay's Twitter-fighting Indrani (and her Bravo reality show) for making her astoundingly late to a televised photo shoot. Lindsay says it was a "set-up" for "ratings."

Photographers Indrani and Markus co-star in Double Exposure, Bravo's newest reality show. Last night, Lindsay tweeted a photo of a Double Exposure episode entitled "Is Lindsay Here Yet?" and added a caption about how "UNTRUE" it was, accusing her friends of using her "for ratings."

In the contested episode Indrani, Markus, and their crew expect Lindsay to arrive for a photo shoot in the morning. Hours pass and she is "on her way," until her handlers change their minds and try to cancel the shoot, to Indrani and Markus' horror. (Video via Jezebel.)

Eight hours later (or eleven, depending who you ask) Lindsay finally arrives. Crouching in a sea of stilettos, she ducks her head and whispers sheepishly, "Sorry I was late."

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But! Lindsay now says Bravo set her up and gave her the wrong call time for the photo shoot. She was not late, but hoodwinked:

The claim that the photos were "for" Markus and Indrani is odd because images from that shoot have already appeared in ads for her leggings line, bolstering Markus' claim that Lindsay hired them to do the shoot. (Would an eight-hour tardiness be more acceptable if she wasn't paying them?) "Jorge" refers to Jorge Perez, Markus and Indrani's agent.

Lindsay's Marilyn Monroe obsession makes more sense everyday: She's a sucker for conspiracy theories. Then again, a lot of people are using Lindsay for their personal fame and fortune, which is a little bit like a conspiracy, depending how you define it. Basically: Between her arrested emotional development and the cavalcade of hangers-on chomping at the bit to get piece of her, poor Lindsay's doomed no matter what she does. [Celebitchy, Bravo, TMZ, Jezebel, @lindsaylohan, image of Lindsay and Indrani via Splash]