It was the same old song and dance - or drink and fight, for that matter - on tonight's episode of The Hills. And once again in the middle of it all is Bromance Jenner. Some things never change.

Without Spencer and Heidi around to make everyone else look sane by comparison, this show has slipped back into its meaningless existence of petty cat fights. This is good in the sense that the attention-whoring, self-mutilating couple who crossed the line in order to stay in the spotlight are no longer having their egos stroked and fame addiction fed, but bad in that I honestly can't find 30 seconds of this show that is worth watching or recapping. It's just so... pointless.

The only thing this week that was different from any other was Kristin fighting with someone in an office instead of a bar for once.

Don't worry, guys. It'll all be over soon.