Behold! This teeny-tiny roe deer's mother died in a car crash, but moments after mama's death, little baby Bambi struggled out of the womb and survived. It'd be creepy as hell if the result weren't so adorable. [Daily Mail] Updated!

Update: Bambi 2.0 is not the first deer to be born to a post-mortem mother. It happened a couple weeks ago in Virginia, too:

Traffic was heavy about 6:30 a.m. Wednesday when Mike McMaugh pulled his flatbed back onto Interstate 81 from White's Truck Stop at Raphine. Truck drivers are accustomed to watching the sides of the road for deer, and when he saw a doe had been hit in the center of the highway, he didn't take too much notice.

"Then I saw some movement," he said. "It was a little baby, just moving its head back and forth. I thought, I can't let that be. I've got to stop."

If he hadn't, Dr. Dave McRuer said Wednesday evening, the fawn likely would have died. On Thursday, the baby deer was struggling to walk, surviving on goat colostrum and intensive medical care.

Baby deer birthing themselves from zombie moms: It is officially a trend. [NewsLeader]