In your tender Tuesday media column: Gourmet "returns," Mr. Magazine turns 25, editors bitch and moan about their slave wages and awful jobs, and ABC News knows what you're thinking, and it's not true.

  • Gourmet magazine is back! Well. In a sense. Conde Nast is launching a Gourmet app, which will feature the dead mag's archives. So, Gourmet magazine is not really back at all. Sorry to disappoint you.
  • Oh look, Samir "Mr. Magazine" Husni has been publishing his "guide to new magazines" for 25 god damn years. What a great hustle, we wish we'd thought of it first. Congrats to Mr. Husni, one of the media's most reliable dial-a-quotes.
  • Are most editors these days pretty happy with their salaries? Haha, that was just a rhetorical question, of course. They're all doing more with less! From a new Folio survey: "However, just 6 percent of respondents say they feel 'very well compensated' for these additional responsibilities, while 35 percent say they aren't compensated at all." Counterpoint: you're fired.
  • ABC News got an anonymously-sourced scoop about Peter Orszag leaving the White House. Peter Orszag's fiancee is an ABC News anchor. So ABC's source on the story was, of course, the indefatigable Jake Tapper. What?