Education: what is it for? Education exists to get you a job, and to give educators a job. Money is the root of education. So grade inflation, rich-kid perks, and dumbing down of grad schools are justified. For money!

Law school students are doing so much better these days, grade-wise! Because schools are just raising their grade point averages, so they can get better jobs, at better law firms. Law firms that are too dumb to understand how law schools just raised GPAs for no actual reason. That is how the law works.

To compete in this modern world, you must have straight A's! We must give our children every last advantage they require to not seem dumb. That means offering college prep and SAT prep classes to each and every schoolchild in NYC, even if that means giving away prep classes with tuna fish sandwiches, at delis. Of course, every child has so much test prep now starting at age one that the city also had to redesign its "gifted" test, because every single Aidylynne and Matthewframme was coming up as "gifted."

All this competition! Too stressful! Maybe you should just switch to the sunny climes of "Journalism school," where life is sweet? Yes, you should, because journalism schools are now suspending the need for an "entrance exam," because applicants thought that was hard. And journalism itself is easy, so hard things aren't proper training.

Now go out and learn the world!

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