Trying to get her spark back in the bedroom, a Christian woman went looking for "marital aids" and all she found was porn. Her solution? The world's first Christian sex toy shop. You're going to love their euphemisms.

We guess it takes more than a family praying together to stay together these days. A couple has to buy some fur-lined handcuffs, too! Yes, Book22 (totally SFW, unless you work for a bunch of atheist heathens), the internet business started by Joy Wilson sells "aids" (dildos), "jelly rings" (cockrings), and "condoms" (condoms). There are no curse words or dirty pictures or anything otherwise appealing. It's all so prim and proper that all of the things she sells can only be used in the missionary position. She says that, "[My husband and I] pray about things before we add them to our site." Well, they can stop praying about the Baby Jesus Butt Plug, because someone already invented it (now that is NSFW).

[Image via Dennis Owusu-Ansah/Shutterstock]