Perez Hilton is going double-or-nothing with his "Is it child pornography?" pageview gambit. "If you're easily offended, do NOT click here" he tweeted today, linking to another photo of 17-year-old Miley Cyrus' crotch, her leotard askew and revealing between-the-legs flesh.

Perez enjoyed last week's Cyrus-crotch-related attention so much, he came back for more. The new photo is from Miley's Much Music Video Awards performance. Her vagina is clothed but the crotch of her leotard is askew, revealing about two inches of flesh beyond the inner crease her thigh. It's not exactly genital, but might be included in a bikini wax. What do we call that region of the body? Mid-pelvic non-thigh? Outer-vulva? Here's the tweet:

Last time Perez posted a "do NOT click here" about Miley's crotch, Salon's child porn legal expert said the first Miley upskirt was "suicidal," even if Miley "is actually wearing form-fitting underwear." Today's photo was more revealing than "form-fitting underwear," but not exactly. (Miley's always half-naked, so even if it's illegal, it's nothing new.) So either Perez has ironclad legal advice about avoiding child porn charges, or he's so addicted to attention he's developed Tourette syndrome for 17-year-old panty pictures.

Alternate explanation: Perez is Geena Davis in Thelma & Louise mode, going down in drunken, oversexed flames. But that's probably giving him too much credit. [Image via Getty]


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