The D train was just declared the dirtiest subway route in New York City. But in addition to old newspapers and empty bottles, there are some grosser things to be found on those cars. Time to share horror your stories!

The Straphangers Campaign, an independent group that fights for New York's subway riding population, issued its annual report about the cleanliness of different subway lines. The D train fared worst, with the line rated as tidy just 38% of the time.

Everyone who has ridden the subway has sat next to a pile of abandoned newspapers, been hit in the foot by an empty bottle, or accidentally walked into the "stinky car" with a homeless person at one end. These are the things that we need to overlook everyday in order to survive riding the most convenient form of public transportation in the Big Apple. But every so often something so horrendously disgusting happens that it shatters our ability to descend into the hot, steaming underground several times a day. A few weeks ago while waiting for a 6 train from Grand Central Station, I saw a pile of puke next to a garbage can. Sadly, that's not too uncommon, but what made it grosser than gross was there was a rat eating the puke. Ew, ew, ew, ew!

We know you have some nasty stories to share about MTA-related gross outs. You might even be able to top my puke-eating vermin tale. Please, take to the comments section and let us know your worst. The one that turns our stomach the most wins a $10 Metrocard and the admiration of all our readers for surviving the worst underground atrocity. Good luck, and happy riding.

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