The Clinton Presidential Library released a huge stash of emails from Elena Kagan's four-year stint in the Clinton administration today. Some people say they show a "blunt, savvy legal adviser" But she also said swears!

Here's how the New York Times is forced to describe the three emails in which Elana Kagan swore like a sailor:

Her writing could be earthy, with at least three messages using variations on the two most common swear words.

In one, she responded to a message with a single word, weaving one of them into "unbelievable." In another, she said her staff should not take on empty tasks. "You should go," she said, "but don't volunteer us for the" scutwork - though she substituted an epithet for the first part of that last word.

(And this is why maybe sometimes you should just go ahead and fucking say "fuck" in a newspaper.)

OK, that settles it. Anyone who uses the word "unfuckingbelievable" is an OK Supreme Court justice in my book. Think of the dissenting opinions!

"The court finds current death penalty laws ineffective and, frankly, back-asswards."