Illinois Republican Senate candidate Mark Kirk lied about receiving a military award. Did he do it to make himself look better, or just because he really loves lying? This latest lie—about working in a nursery—isn't very impressive.

Seriously, who lies about being a nursery school teacher? Illinois representative and Senate candidate Mark Kirk, that's who! In speeches and campaign material, Kirk frequently references his time as a nursery school teacher at Forest Home Chapel in Ithaca, NY about 30 years ago, according to the New York Times. But the Times spoke to an official at the church who said:

He was never, ever considered a teacher," Ms. Grubb said in a telephone interview after researching the history of Mr. Kirk's association with the nursery school. "He was just an additional pair of hands to help a primary teaching person."

Well, there goes the infant vote. No amount of gentle cooing or waving bright blocks in front of their faces is going to make up for this cynical pandering.