We've read of a potential reality show; it's now a reality (show)! Susan Sarandon and her rumored boytoy Jonathan Bricklin have been shooting reality show based on their ping pong social club, Spin. It's tentatively called The Magnus Effect.

63 year-old Susan Sarandon and ping pong entrepreneur Jonathan Bricklin, 31, have repeatedly denied they are anything but friends and business partners. But now they're getting their own reality show together—the celebrity equivalent of buying a puppy. According to Grub Street:

The show began filming last week with BBC America as the production company. The material will include two different narratives: one that follows the top junior players who compete at SPiN on a regular basis (including 15-year-old Michael Landers, the reigning U.S. men's singles champion), and another that tracks [Spin co-owner Will Horowitz] and his staff at Ducks Eatery as they send out dishes from a basement kitchen without any ventilation.

How about a third narrative about Jonathan Bricklin and his girlfriend Susan Sarandon who are totally, very obviously doing it?

[Pic by Splash News]