After Dina Lohan called the cops on Carvel Ice Cream for denying her freebies, Carvel denounced "entitled" Dina. Now Carvel's mascot, an anthropomorphized chocolate whale named Fudgie, is giving Dina the smackdown on his blog, Twitter, and Facebook page.

Fudgie has been swimming in Carvel's sea of sweetness and treats since the 1970s, when Carvel developed a series of awkwardly-named-in-retrospect ice cream cakes named Cookie Puss, Fudgie the Whale, and Hug-Me Bear. Now, as Carvel's official "spokeswhale," Fudgie would like everyone to know that Dina Lohan is a greedy bitch for abusing Lindsay's "Carvel Black Card" coupon for free ice cream:

While we did offer free ice cream for 75 years with each card, we knew most would likely never be used, or at the least, not abused. They were not given with the intent to provide massive amounts of free yumminess to people who certainly have the flow to afford it themselves. We simply wanted to get Carvel's anniversary milestone in the news and bring our Franchise Partners, who like all small business owners are struggling in this yucky economy, more customers.

Okay, so he didn't literally call her a "greedy bitch," but for an anthropomorphized chocolate whale named Fudgie, words like "abuse" and "yucky" are about as mean as it gets. Fudgie's Facebook friends are rallying around him.

Fudgie has also been tweeting up a storm about the Lohan "drama."

Hopefully Lindsay or Michael Lohan gets in a Twitter war with Fudgie. From @fudgiewhale's Twitter bio: "Things I love: chilling with Cookie Puss." Just a red-blooded American whale. [CarvelIceCreamNewsroom, images via Carvel and Getty]