Today at Gawker.TV, Danny Devito's counting the days until marijuana is legalized, Kathy Griffin offends the Jews, The Hills' Audrina explains how her show isn't fake, and Miley Cyrus knows she can't sing—but at least she doesn't lip-sync!

Miley Cyrus Knows That She "Sounds Like Crap," But at Least She Doesn't Lip Sync
On the Late Show, Paul Schaffer asked Miley if she ever fakes it on stage. Her response? "Uh, no. YouTube me cause half the comments are like "she sounds like crap!'" Who knew Miley Cyrus was so self-aware?

Danny Devito is Excited for the Legalization of Weed
At this stage of his life, Danny Devito's recent activities include jamming out at Coachella and attending Comic Con. When asked what his wife thinks about his behavior, Devito describes their favorite activities: drinking, basketball, and the special green stuff.

Kathy Griffin Stays Classy With a Holocaust Joke
In her advice to Countess Luann on Watch What Happens Live about a certain anti-semitic comment, Kathy Griffin took things a bit further with a questionable statement that causes even the bubbly Andy Cohen to grimace.

Bethenny's Jersey Assistant Explains the Difference Between Dancing and Grinding
While looking for a wedding venue and making sure the Housewives star knows how to properly slow dance, Bethenny's assistant wonders if people will be grinding at her wedding. You can take the boy out of New Jersey...

Audrina Patridge Tries to Explain How The Hills is a "Non-Scripted Drama"
Reality star Audrina Patridge attempts to explain to a confused Regis the delicate balance between what is "real" and what is "fake" on The Hills, as she addresses this weeks most recent drama involving her love life.