Cablevision is said to have finally abandoned its acquisition of city-blog shop Gothamist. Entertainingly enough, Gothamist founder Jake Dobkin can reportedly blame his big mouth for scotching the deal.

The $5 million to $6 million transaction is off, the Village Voice reports, confirming with anonymous sources the rumors we'd been hearing for the past couple of months. The Voice also hears that executives at Cablevision subsidiary Rainbow Media were unnerved by Dobkin talking smack about the New York Times, a Gothamist advertiser and news source. Dobkin called the Times a journalistic "blowjob" artist on his Twitter feed, and an unoriginal financial basketbase on his Facebook account.

Cablevision then realized it was about to hire a blog overlord who was willing to bite the hand that fed him, and backed out. Of course, a truly disruptive media company might have recognized Dobkin's unleashed insolence as all the more reason to seal the deal, but Cablevision boss Jim Dolan is not the sort of guy who likes his writers mouthing off on just any old thing. Which is why Dobkin's online impertinence might look smart a few years from now. His big mouth might have cost him several million dollars, but it also saved Gothamist from becoming the most repressed blog network this side of North Korea. That's great for his publications' long-term survival, if not for Dobkin's bank account.

[Photo of Dobkin (left) via Flickr; photo of Dolan (right) via Getty Images]