Has the world's most famous polar bear gone the way of Britney Spears, a mentally-addled trainwreck of an aging child star? Berlin Zoo's Knut "suffers from panic attacks and 'sways to and fro' in an abnormal manner," says one scientist.

Said scientist is, however, from PETA, which means he has an ulterior motive: Freeing all zoo animals and worshipping farm hens as humanity's clucking overlord. (Paraphrasing from PETA's mission statement.) PETA says between 75 and 90 percent of Germany's zoo polar bears are "disturbed." The Berlin Zoo says PETA's claim is "ridiculous" and "Knut is fine."

Reached for comment, Knut said he hates PETA, because last time they butted into his life it was to demand his castration. [AFP via uber-tipster GlasgowRose, who also provided the headline. Image via AP]