Today at Gawker.TV, John Goodman talks about his recent slim-down, Stephen Colbert proposes changing the term "tweet" to "gurgle" because birds in the Gulf are covered in oil, and Betty White is Hot in Cleveland's one (and only!) saving grace.

Stephen Colbert Will Save Twitter's Fail Whale from Gulf Oil and the New York Times
Last night, Stephen puzzled over the ban of the word "tweet" by the New York Times, and offered incentive for retweeting something of his. Click here, retweet, and Comedy Central will donate a dollar to gulf relief.

The Cast of Hot in Cleveland Should Thank Their Lucky Stars for Betty White
...because the rest of the show is awful. The 75% of the show that didn't include Betty White was so atrocious that it was almost a physical challenge to resist the urge to change the channel. Oh yeah. That bad.

John Goodman Talks About his Weight Loss on the Late Show
John Goodman has lost a lot of weight recently and looks great, but check out seventies Goodman! Letterman shows us a young Goodman who was just getting his start in commercials while living in New York.

Jon Stewart Shows our Last 8 Presidents Paying Lip Service to Energy Independence
All of them have talked about it, and yet America is still dependent on foreign oil. From the looks of this clip, we'll probably stay that way for another 8 Presidents.

All of the High-Speed Camerawork From the Mythbusters Special in 2 Minutes
We took last night's Mythbusters Top 25 special and cut out the bad jokes and boring commentary to create one clip of what the show does best—mesmerizing high speed photography.