Finally giving validation to decades worth of Jersey jokes, a new Quinnipiac University poll (all they do up there is poll, all day long) says that 75% of Jerseyites are "dissatisfied" with the state of things in their, uh, state.

Is big fat Republican monster Chris Christie to blame for all of this? Perhaps. 43% of those polled called the governor "a bully," and 61% of folks didn't like his plan to slash funding for public schools. That same percentage said they wished Christie would have signed a bill that taxed millionaires. Ha ha, dumb, miserable Jersey people. Remember when Chris Christie ran on his platform of "I'm an awful millionaire who wants to help my awful millionaire friends and no one else," and you voted for him and he won the election? Well now you have to deal with it. That's how politics works. Have fun being sad and orange and coughing on factory smoke. Trenton makes, world takes, always. [WSJ]