...because the rest of the show is awful. The 75% of the show that didn't include Betty White was so atrocious that it was almost a physical challenge to resist the urge to change the channel. Oh yeah. That bad.

Hot in Cleveland's premise is as follows: three middle-aged women take a flight to London only to make an emergency landing in Cleveland, Ohio. When ladies stop at a bar and get noticed by men, they realize that they are actually considered "hot" in Cleveland—hence the name of the show.

Enter the show's saving grace. Betty White plays the housekeeper that comes along with the lease of the new house the ladies rented out to stay in. It's pretty standard "Betty White humor," with a pot joke thrown in for good measure.

After a series of set-ups similar to this occurred throughout the episode eventually leading the ladies to decide to stay in Cleveland for good.

So, TV viewers, weigh in—is the show a Golden Girls 2.0 or a total bomb? While I find it doubtful that many (or any) of you actually tuned into the premiere, you can certainly form an opinion from the clips shown above.