Well, the rumors were true: Mark Zuckerberg is now the latest bro to "ice" another bro. As the attached video proves, the Facebook CEO is the latest participant in the fratty drinking prank known as "icing."

Zuckerberg's victim was Blake Ross, who co-created the Firefox Web browser as a teenager and who now works as Facebook's Director of Product. Zuckerberg, just a year older than Ross, might be late to the icing trend, but we give the Facebook co-founder credit for his inventiveness: With friends including main squeeze Priscilla Chan, he presented Ross with a cake that included a baked-in bottle of Smirnoff Ice. A more buttoned-down CEO might have given Ross a reprieve when the 25-year-old, upon seeing the Ice bottle, asked, "Really?!" But Zuckerberg let his underling go forward with the requisite chug on one knee. And when Facebook marketer Erin Kanaley uploaded film of the prank to her Facebook account, Zuckerberg fearlessly "liked" it from his homepage.

As entertaining as it is to watch Silicon Valley's youngest power mogul pull a frat-house joke on a staffer, it's also a little dumb. Yes, Silicon Valley weather has reached toward the 90s in recent days, but Facebook execs should be spending their time on sobering problems like user privacy. And the once-fresh practice of "icing" now seems spoiled. We've seen a different social network founder tackily try to "ice" astronaut Buzz Aldrin, notorious fameballer Julia Allison jump on the bandwagon, and now there's this. It seems, as blogger Adam Isserlis put it, that "icing has officially drunk the shark." Which might explain why the website BrosIcingBros.com said a bro-rific goodbye today. Can we agree to make the next prank drink more classy? Sisters Sofia-ing Sisters, anyone?

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