A member of Goatse Security had his home searched by the FBI yesterday before going to jail for drugs. The group gave Apple and AT&T headaches over weak iPad customer security; now it's been punished with headaches of its own.

It was widely reported yesterday that Goatse member Andrew Auernheimer, aka "weev," was arrested and detained by local Arkansas police on five drug possession charges, four of them felonies. The drugs were allegedly discovered during an FBI search of Auernheimer's home, according to the Wall Street Journal. The FBI is investigating how Apple's cellular partner AT&T exposed private information on more than 114,000 iPad customers through an open Web script with no password protection. It's not clear if the feds had a warrant for the search, and they told the Journal the agency hadn't asked for Auernheimer to be detained.

A Goatse security representative told the Journal that Auernheimer didn't write the code for exploiting AT&T's script. So hopefully the FBI is examining AT&T's server logs and talking to its demoralized, heavily depleted security staff even as it sends people to jail in Arkansas.


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