Hottie banker Debrahlee Lorenzana—who says Citibank fired her for being too hot—has switched lawyers because "sex positive women's rights lawyer" Jack Tuckner recently faced sexual harassment allegations of his own, over a sadomasochistic spanking scandal involving his secretary.

Now Debrahlee's lawyer is legal-counsel-to-the-starfuckers Gloria Allred (whose tabloid-fodder clientele includes mistresses of Tiger Woods and Jesse James). Her old lawyer, the self-proclaimed "sex positive" women's rights lawyer Jack Tuckner, recently settled a lawsuit with an office manager who claimed Tucker watched porn at his desk and wore a "slave" collar to work. Page Six explains the lawsuit's allegations:

Tuckner bragged of meeting his girlfriend on an S&M Web site and "disclosed that he is extremely into 'spanking' . . . the screensaver on Tuckner's office computer included a photo of his girlfriend dressed as a dominatrix with Tuckner . . . kneeling at her feet." Tuckner strongly denied Brockington's allegations, saying she was a "deliberate troublemaker," and the case was resolved out of court in June 2009.

"Troublemaker"? Sounds sexy. Anyway, that office manager came into Tuckner's employ after he represented her in a sexual discrimination suit, which is a bizarre precedent for a man who allegedly describes himself as a "testosterone-poisoned" defender of women. (Is this why he needed all those evidence-of-hotness booty shots of Debrahlee?) Apparently Debrahlee heard about Tuckner's rumored office reenaction of The Secretary and switched to Allred's representation. She has yet to comment on Tuckner's melodrama, but he offered kind words, saying she switched to a lawyer who could better "handle the media attention." Jack would also like to remind us that Troublemaker McPrude's lawsuit "was voluntarily withdrawn" and resolved out of court. [P6, image of Debrahlee and Jack on the 'Early Show']


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