Tesla said it aims to raise $180 million in a June 29 IPO, nearly double its original plans. Analysts are skeptical, given that the Silicon Valley electric-car maker has no product to sell for two years. Then there's the divorce.

It isn't surprising Tesla CEO Elon Musk would aim ever higher; this is the hyper-aggressive South African entrepreneur who is simultaneously trying to build a mass-market electric car business and put a man on Mars via his private rocketry company SpaceX. His car company would be the first such firm to go public in the U.S. since Ford in 1956.

But, as always, there are complications. As Reuters notes, CEO Elon Musk's 29 percent stake in the company could be diminished by his messy divorce from novelist wife Justine (Musk is now dating a 24-year-old English actress). But if he can handle his Tesla equity as gracefully as his ex has blogged about their split, he should be fine. Maybe fellow divorcer and green-tech enthusiast Al Gore can provide some commiseration and advice. [VentureBeat]