Weird Florida billionaire and Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene has released what appears to be one of the more focus-grouped campaign ads in recent memory: this mess, which says the word "jobs" over and over for a fierce half-minute.

Greene's Senate campaign came as an unwelcome surprise for the Florida Democratic party when he announced his intention to self-finance a primary bid against Rep. Kendrick Meek. Greene went public only a day or two after Gov. Charlie Crist left the Republican party to run as an independent, ending his grueling primary battle against Marco Rubio. Democrats were hoping that, with Crist and Rubio having bloodied each other up for so long, Meek could breeze into the general election and capitalize on divided Republican loyalties.

Now Meek has to fend off this billionaire, Jeff Greene, a "businessman" whose money-making "business" was... taking notorious hedge fund manager John Paulson's advice and shorting the housing market to earn an easy hundreds of millions of dollars, landing him on the Forbes 400. He also once lived with Heidi Fleiss, and Mike Tyson was best man at his $1 million wedding. No, really.

He is running as an "outsider."

And now we have this very outsidery ad, the script for which basically says, "Jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs." Is there some sort of *jobs* problem in the United States right now? Oh.