In your odd Tuesday media column: a NYT Magazine freelancer's desperately seeking Wikipedia help, Eliot Spitzer's coming to CNN, an age bias suit against a NYC TV station, and Mike Bloomberg saves the media, no problem.

  • Katy Butler, a freelancer with an upcoming story in the New York Times Magazine, placed the following ad on a job board at the Berkeley School of Journalism. It's not scandalous as much as it is bizarre; write a Wikipedia entry that will appear to support the story's findings, just in time for publication of said story! Hm.
  • Katy Butler (freelance writer, Mill Valley)
    Web design, promotion, & research wikipedia entry for New York Times magazine article
    Category: New Media
    Location: Mill Valley
    State: Ca.
    Salary: $15 per hour
    Duration: of Position: June 12-20 2010
    Work Schedule: Unknown

  • Description:
    Design a website and create a wikipedia entry, with links, to support an upcoming New York Times Sunday memoir/investigation questioning life-extending cardiac surgery in the very old and frail. Research resources for others attempting to coordinate medical care for elderly parents, and those attempting to have cardiac devices turned off near the end of life, and link to website. Promote the upcoming story to organizations concerned with these issues, and encourage them to read it and link to it.

  • Experience:
    Have a track record of extreme competence in producing a website fast with 3 functioning websites you have designed to show me. At least 2 years experience in internet-based research, either on a newspaper or magazine or in a J
    school. Some promotion experience helpful, or 2 years phone-based reporting experience.

  • Page Six says CNN is jusssst about ready to announce that it's giving a talk show to Eliot Spitzer. And Eliot Spitzer is just about ready to announce that the party days are back, baby.
  • WPIX Channel 11 in NYC is being sued by a former news director who says she was fired in an all-out purge of old people at the station. She was 60, and her replacement was 50. Dismissed.
  • In 2008, hero mayor Mike Bloomberg ordered a study done, in order to save the media. Now, the media-saving is finally coming into action: the city has launched the NYC media lab, which will save the city's media industry by researching "mobile technology, gaming, cyber security and other areas of digital media." And the laid off reporters can be the janitors, I guess?