Grab your pitchforks! Multinational oil company BP has reportedly hired financial advisors from Goldman Sachs to help with the "mounting liabilities" the firm is facing from the Gulf oil spill. BP has denied rumors it is going bankrupt.

According to reports from the Times and AP, the oil giant has hired advisors from Blackstone Group, Credit Suisse, and Goldman Sachs to find the best way to handle the mounting financial shitstorm brought on by the Gulf of Mexico spill. The company has already lost an estimated $1.6 billion since the spill began on April 20. A BP spokesman denied the reports, saying, "There's no truth that we have hired bankers with a defense mandate." President Obama wants BP to set up an escrow account so the company will have a harder time ripping off victims of the spill, so who better to help BP with that than Goldman Sachs? Brilliant move, really!

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