Tonight was Part II of the Real Housewives of NY Reunion Trilogy and, like its Godfather counterpart, it was just as good as Part I. The best part? Kelly Bensimon's completely insane explanation of her completely insane breakdown/self. Videos inside.

After playing a clip reel of her Virgin Islands breakdown, Andy Cohen asked Bensimon what the hell happened to her. But instead of answering the question, Bensimon went on an incoherent rant about Systematic Bullying™ and confused everyone further.

Hey, Kelly, if you feel so strongly about this Systematic Bullying™ thing, why don't you create a PSA about it? (Oh, wait...)

Anyway! After the break, Cohen tried to recap Bensimon's statements for her and reminded her that she'd just spent a few minutes talking about how her breakdown (sorry, breakthrough) gave her an opportunity to have a platform to talk about Systematic Bullying™, but then she completely denied it. Afterward, she said that Bravo "forced" her to go on the trip to "Scary Island" for the show (which Cohen denied, repeatedly). This led to a bunch of arguing, a shriek of coherence by Bethenny Frankel, and the too often used ~To Be Continued~ cliffhanger ending.

Until next time! (And by next time, I mean Part III, which airs Thursday at 9:00 PM ET.)

[The Real Housewives of New York City]