Former eBay CEO and wannabe California Governor Meg Whitman is known to have some, uh, anger issues. And now The New York Times says "Evil Meg" got physical with one employee in 2007, shoving her over... a Second Life interview?

The story is pretty simple: During a briefing for an interview to be held in the online world Second Life, which is like World of Warcraft, but far more dorky, Whitman became frustrated with her handler, Young Mi Kim, and, at some point, pushed her. Kim threatened a lawsuit, settled with the company in the neighborhood of $200,000, and later returned to work there.

Whitman, whose campaign has been spending money like a lonely drunk on the website she once ran, is already known to have some temper issues, earning the nickname "Evil Meg" from employees. (Her allegedly racist dickhole sons are, allegedly, not particularly restrained people either.) The Times' story isn't exactly a bombshell, considering that Whitman apparently apologized, the two seem to have resolved the dispute and Kim continues to work at eBay. But it doesn't put to rest questions about the CEO's leadership style, temper or her ability to handle pressure.

The best part of the whole story, though, is that this was all over an interview that was being held on Second Life, the hilarious, bizarre "virtual world" populated by... well, basically by exactly the kind of people you would expect to populate a virtual world. You know: Pervs.

So look, this is our question to Meg: If you cannot sit through a briefing for an interview that will be conducted in front of, like, a space alien, with a mohawk and huge tits, who no doubt owns a dozen "virtual world" sex emporia, without physically abusing someone, how will you handle a briefing on any one of the insanely fucked elements of California governance? (Trick question! By the time you are governor, there will not be enough money in the budget to hire staff to physically abuse.)

[NYT; pic via Getty]