James Franco's favorite things are soap operas, queer film roles, performance art, drag queens, and sleeping in class. He talks about his new project combining four of those five in this new interview from (where else?) L.A.'s Gay Pride festival.

The staff of World of Wonder caught up with Franco and video artist Kalup Linzy, the same drag queen he performed with in New York last month, yesterday amid the shirtless throngs at a Gay Pride event in West Hollywood. Franco is returning to General Hospital later this summer and bringing Linzy with him. Linzy and Franco talk about how James Franco the actor has an exhibit at MOCA where his videos are projected on a wall, how Franco (his serial killing artist character on GH) also has an exhibit at MOCA, how Linzy loves soap operas and is now on a soap opera, and how both of their projects about a daytime serials are going to be beamed into your television shortly on an actual daytime serial, and the "many layers, many layers" of their everyday meta existence. God, this guy really is starting to get insufferable.