America's favorite bedazzled skinsuit wearer, American Idol runner up and former Wicked chorus boy Adam Lambert, has a new song out about boots and dancing and eyeliner and he's just released the notly anticipated music video. It's confusing.

We're all for creative expression — you can go Gaga or Goo Goo or Gogol, we don't care! — but at least make it fun, interesting, original, purposeful, if possible. Adam Lambert's ish feels nothing like any of that. Maybe we just have Gaga-induced faux weirdo fatigue or something, but Lambert's thundering bullshittery is really annoying us on this muggy June day. The Mr. Bones top hat skeleton dance is vaguely enjoyable (though not in the way that Lambert intended probably). The Na'vi hair and raccoon face? Less so. Why is the club dance party in the woods? Why is he singing about The Force? Lambert's allowed to do whatever the hell he wants, but are we supposed to take it seriously as some sort of Art type thing? Is he forgetting he was on American Idol? We're confuddled. Anyway, the song's kind of catchy!

[via BWE]