We have another Alabama candidate making insane campaign commercials. This one is Rick Barber, the Tea Party favorite in a looming congressional runoff, and he's trying to convince several exhumed Founding Fathers to revolt against the United States of America!

Or perhaps it's just a "metaphor for election turnout," at the end, when Barber's rant convinces a furious George Washington to utter, with gravitas, "Gather. Your. Armies." The armies of mobilized voters, of course!

Washington is joined by fellow dead famous people, Samuel Adams ("Sam," Barber calls him) and Benjamin Franklin, who gets no attention or lines. Why does Benjamin Franklin get no lines? He was very witty.

The ad begins in medias res, so we don't know which particularly devastating revelations lead Barber to start off with, "And I would impeach him." Perhaps George Washington had asked how a slave was even able to become president? Legally?

Barber then rants about such long-established federal government policies and institutions as the progressive tax code and IRS and U.S. Tax Court ("A separate all-powerful court system!"), offending his guests. He appears to be an advocate for the Fair Tax, which would eliminate the federal income tax and replace it with a 20-30% sales tax, a horribly regressive system that would destroy the economy and create widespread black markets for everything.

Anyway, welcome to the club of funny Alabama candidates, Rick Barber, alongside Tim James, Dale Peterson and Roy Moore! And who? And Les Phillip, right.