Tabloid sex talker Andrea Peyser has been hearing nothing but "Hottie Banker" this and "tits on a stick" that and "hot female bodies are calling you, Andrea" for weeks now. She's sick of it. Where's the respect for large breasts?

Ever since the story of Hottie Banker Debrahlee Lorenzana hit the papers earlier this month, Andrea Peyser has been able to think of nothing else. And—let's be clear—she's not happy about it. Today, Andrea formally comes out in opposition to the existence of this hottie banker, or anyone else that forces Andrea to smell "the sweaty stench of a lady's desperation." Andrea Peyser knew just who to interview, too.

My pal, ex-Airman Laura Kilroy, who comes by her generous mammaries naturally, resents suggestions that women who complain are jealous.

No other reporter is as deeply sourced as Andrea Peyser when it comes to large-breasted ex-military officers, amen.

[NYP. Peyser pic by the esteemed Lauri Apple.]