Rich people—they're just like us. When the economy tanked in 2008 they felt the pain, too. Even Mayor Bloomberg, worth an estimated $18 billion, was forced to rent out some of his property and lay off servants.

Bloomberg on Friday made his financial disclosure forms and tax returns available to the press for two whole hours, and boy were these documents revealing! According to a report in the Times, the mayor makes so much money he doesn't even use numbers on his financial documents, he just uses a letter for a range (A: $1,000 to $5,000, to G: $500,000 or more). And during the dark days of 2008, while you were eating ramen noodles and hoarding pocket change, Bloomberg was forced to put real estate acquisitions on hold as he lost at least $6 million in the stock market. But those days are over, and now Mayor Mike is back to winning horse shows and setting up trust funds for former lady friends. He's even reinstated his housekeeping staff, which he pays between $250,000 and $500,000 annually. It feels good to know we're all back on track.

[Image via AP]