Two young businessmen have been arrested in Arizona for trying to trade an iPod touch and a quarter-ounce of marijuana for an iPad. On Craigslist. Complete with a photo of the iPod... and the weed.

Jacob Walker and Joseph Velarte, both 20, wanted an iPad. So they did what any fine young person with an understanding of basic economics would do: They attempt a free exchange of goods. Where "goods" were an iPod touch, and a quarter of pot. Walker's Craigslist post read as follows:

i am willing to trade my 32 gb ipod touch 3rd generation and a quarter of DANK. blue dream straight outta cali. the ipod is in PERFECT condition. not one scratch it has been in the case the whole time and has never had screen cover removed!!!! let me know!!!

To demonstrate his forthrightness, Walker took a photo of the iPod and the bud (on a scale, duh) near some attractive shag carpeting.

Is this worth it? Figure his iPod, used, costs around $200, assuming it's in good condition. A slightly used iPad? Let's say $450. So essentially, he's asking $250 for a quarter. And remember, marijuana, like the iPad, has no support for Adobe Flash.

In any event, you must be wondering: How could such a meticulous plan possibly go wrong? In the following way: The police met up with Walker through the ad and arrested him.

[Edible Apple via BullfightsOnAcid]