Advice for fast food servers: Don't mess with someone's BBQ Bacon Double Jr Cheeseburger Deluxe, or you might regret it. Just ask the Michigan Wendy's drive-thru employee who fought back against obnoxious customers, and set off a huge brawl.

When a car pulled up to the window of a Kalamazoo, Michigan, Wendy's yesterday, the hungry passengers noticed their order was wrong. So they did what any rational person would do, and threw it right back in the face of the employee working the drive-thru. Said employee returned the favor, and two people got out of the car and started fighting employees inside the restaurant. When Kalamazoo Public Safety Officers arrived on the scene, they encountered a "loud disturbance between unsatisfied customers and frustrated employees," and arrested the two customers, according to a report from local NBC Channel 8. They are being charged with assault and excessive noise. The Wendy's employees blamed the fight on a "communication breakdown."