Back when we were amateur bloggers, even a comment from someone who wasn't a friend could turn the whole day around. So we can see why a bunch of Brooklyn bloggers took up Absolut vodka's offer of schwag for posts.

But! You gotta disclose! Now, these bloggers are getting burned over trying to keep their blogging cred and a new Flip camera. It all has to do with what FreeWilliamsburg helpfully labels a "giant blogger circlejerk" known as Brooklyn Blogfest, where people meet IRL to talk about their blogs. This year, Absolut decided to use the event to help launch their new "Absolut Brooklyn" which is flavored like the pavement in Carroll Gardens or something.

Absolut got Spike Lee to talk at the event. Then they began buying off bloggers. According to the New York Times

Absolut offered gifts, including a bottle of the new vodka and a small digital video camera, to bloggers in exchange for coverage. Nine accepted the vodka and eight got cameras, said an Absolut spokeswoman.

Mentions of Absolut started popping up on Brooklyn blogs - mysteriously so for many readers, since not all of the bloggers disclosed their relationship with the sponsor."

Now a bunch of Brooklyn bloggers are sad that their blogging convention turned into an Absolut ad, and that no one will ever again be able to trust a blogger who randomly effuses about a product. Innocence lost, lesson learned: Be a whore, but embrace it. Then drown out that icky feeling with three shots of sweet, sweet Absolut Brooklyn. Absolut Brooklyn! It's blogger's brew!

(This post not sponsored in any way by Absolut. We're more of Grey Goose fans. HINT HINT. WINK WINK.)