An 18-year-old Balinese man, Ngurah Alit, was caught in a rice paddy sexing up a cow doggie style after it had flirted with him. To cleanse his village he was forced into marrying the cow—but he passed out.

Yesterday was to be the big day for Alit, a young unemployed man from a coastal village on the Indonesian island of Bali. But, according to The Jakarta Globe, the cow had to pay for his sins and was drowned in the ocean as part of the ceremony. An understandably nervous Alit passed out and it is unclear whether vows were exchanged before the cow was killed. According to one villager, Alit was symbolically drowned, and "only his clothes were thrown into the sea." The village chief, Ida Bagus Legawa, said that the village had been "cleansed."

[Image via AP]